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*Please be aware that your computer's color settings and your printer's replication of colors may vary slightly from the actual stain sample colors, which should always be the guide in making your final selection. This is not intended to provide the exact color of our wood finishes.

*** Natural brings out the color in the wood. PLEASE NOTE: the color will vary across the bed project due to lighter and darker areas of the wood. (both Oak and Maple Wood). If you are looking for a consistant color, we recommend against a Natural finish. If you have any questions about the Natural finish, please ask us before ordering.

Lighting - $200

Add lighting to your Murphy Bed The optional light kit comes complete with two elegant canister lights to illuminate the inside of the bed when in use.  Three adjustable levels of brightness allow you to choose the best setting for your needs.  A safety cutoff switch ensures that the lights will never be left on when the bed is closed.

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Our products allows us to effectively utilize your space with quality and efficiency.
If your room has ample ceiling height and adequate floor space, the vertical design is your best option. With a variety of face designs and stain colors to choose from, your fully functioning, space-saving bed becomes a beautifully hidden secret, contained in handcrafted, real wood piece of fine furniture. Above are 11 different designs to choose from.  

​All Beds Available in Queen, Full/Double, Twin

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Our Murphy Beds


Choice of moldings - Standard Square Molding (included in price) or Larger Crown Molding ($50  Bed / $25 Per Cabinet)

Painted Bed - $350

 ($175 per cabinet)

Painting Process
Two coats of vinyl primer are applied to the bed before applying a Pigmented Lacquer (your paint color) on top.

Pigmented lacquer is a product in which paint and lacquer are mixed together. This gives the finished product a furniture grade finish, while achieving the solid color of paint.

You may choose to have your bed unfinished or primed only. This will allow you to be able to paint the bed a color, or creative finish, that works best for your room.

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Wood Types


Maple is mainly used for furniture, paneling and millwork, kitchen cabinets, moldings, doors, musical instruments, and turnings. Maple is often used as a substitute for Cherry and Birch wood.
Maple has a white and light tannish brown heartwood, with darker colored pith flecks. The wood is generally straight-grained with a fine uniform smooth texture. The wood of Maple is heavy, hard and strong. It has very good bending properties, with good crushing strength and shock resistance.


The Latin name for oak, Quercus, means "a fine tree." The oaks have been key in America's industrial transformation: railroad ties, wheels, plows, looms, barrels and, of course, furniture and floors. The oak is the state tree of New Jersey. The sapwood of red oak is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. The wood is similar in general appearance to white oak, but with a slightly less pronounced figure due to the smaller rays. The wood is mostly straight-grained, with a coarse texture. The wood is hard and heavy, with medium bending strength and stiffness and high crushing strength. It is very good for steam bending. Great wear-resistance.

If your room has lower ceilings, perhaps our horizontal design, Creekside Collection, is the best solution. Once opened, our horizontal bed gives you the comfort you need for a good night sleep. The added functionality of an eye-level shelf is yet another added bonus of our horizontal design