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Estimated Lead Time: ​4-5  weeks

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Why buy a Murphy bed from Hide N Go Sleep?

"What do I need to know about Murphy beds?" Murphy Beds are not a new concept as most customers are aware. Many can remember a Murphy Bed in an old movie or at a grandparent's house many years ago. Murphy beds were founded on the spring-loaded system that is still in use today. Many companies, not all, who use the spring loaded system, still have the bed bolted down to the sub floor. This will cause more damage to your home than attaching to the studs in the wall. We use a piston mechanism, that allows our beds to be attached to the studs in your wall (also a concrete or brick wall). It's not only our superior mechanism that draws our customers in, but our PRICE and the fact we use REAL WOOD (solid wood and veneer core furniture grade plywood).  NO PARTICLE BOARD OR MELMINE IS USED

So during your journey on learning more about Murphy Beds, please keep these things in mind:

Piston Mechanism or Spring loaded system (We use Piston - Lifetime Warranty on the piston)
Wall Mount or Floor Mount (Our beds are wall mounted and do very little damage to the wall)
Real Wood or Melamine (Our beds are REAL Wood)
Choices of wood, design, hardware, stain colors (We offer 13 different designs)
Delivery service (all our beds include White Glove Delivery)
Lead Time (Approx 3-4  weeks)

Installation (We Install our beds , we do not sub out the work to another party)
PRICE (We Price Match any similar Murphy bed)

Hide N Go Sleep Murphy Beds